I’ve been asked for a bit more information about the gopher.  It is called Shoprider, and is a light model that takes a maximum weight of 110 kg.  http://www.shoprider.com.au/ 

We could have got something more sturdy and solid, and Don does feel a bit precarious at times on the lightweight Shoprider, but our key requirement was for something that could be easily dismantled, and light enough for me to be able to manage the parts.  We live on the outskirts of town, up a hill, so we knew we would almost always be having to load the scooter and reassemble it when we got to where we were going.  It dismantles into four parts, the heaviest of which (the battery) weighs 15 kg.

Don's gopher

The only problem we have had is that occasionally the battery runs out of charge.  The battery is supposed to support three hours on full throttle — and of course, you never go full throttle all the time, so that seemed generous — but in fact, when we go for a walk down the hill, ie not using the car, that journey back up the hill seems to be too much, and twice we have run out of juice on the way.  The first time, Don waited while I walked back and got the car, the second time we didn’t have the car and getting back was a bit of a nightmare.

If we move (yes, still dealing with the insurmountable problem of the stairs!!) it would be nice to be in a flat house, on a level block, within walking distance of the town centre, so that Don could just hop onto the gopher, and beetle off for an outing.  Without having to struggle down the front steps of our house (yes, we have steps there too!) then struggle into the car and then out again and so on, and so on.