When Don had his MS diagnosis confirmed at the MS Clinic at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, we received one great word of encouragement:  Professor Pollard, head of the clinic, said that there was so much research going on in MS that he was confident there would be a cure within two years.  Probably not something that could reverse the condition, however, so it was important to keep healthy, keep up the exercise, and hope to stave off the decline as long as possible.

We clung to that confident prediction, by so eminent a person.  But that was in August 2005, and by August 2007 we were very aware that the two years had come and gone, and still no cure.

But you read the literature, and it seems that every day there is a new cure being touted!  Here are just a few I’ve gleaned over the past week:

    *   A new pharmaceutical compound called MN-166 slows the rate of deterioration markedly http://www.rttnews.com/sp/breakingnews.asp?date=04/07/2008&item=35&vid=0

    *  Caffeine:  Mice given caffeine the equivalent a human drinking of 6-8 cups of coffee per day were protected from developing the animal version of MS  http://www.generef.com/newsstory.rss.html?pid=49903

    *  A new medication (unnamed) targeting lymphocytes (white blood cells) stops MS in its tracks  http://www.reenabled.org/2008/04/07/multiple-sclerosis-stopped-in-its-tracks

    *  MS may be caused by the HHS-6 virus, so can be treated with antibiotics  http://gwbandt.com/antibiotics/why-i-prescribe-antibiotics.htm

    *  You can protect nerve fibres by deactivating protein http://scamparoo.wordpress.com/2008/04/04/deactivating-protein-may-protect-nerve-fibers-in-multiple-sclerosis/

    *  A protein called collagenase-2 looks like a breakthrough success in MS treatment  http://03530.com/2008/04/02/potential-new-target-for-multiple-sclerosis-therapy.html

And so on and so on.

Well, we live in hope, of course. But I did have my faith pinned on that two-year prediction of Professor Pollard,