Remember last century when they used to put leeches on sick people?  Oh, wait, it was the century before  last, wasn’t it.  Well, the wheel has turned full circle, and we are back to parasites as a possible treatment for MS.

You can check out this link for yourself

Hookworms, little tiny parasitic worms, are being investigated as a possible treatment for multiple sclerosis. The idea is this: people infected with hookworms experience a suppression of the immune system. That suppression may be enough to slow the rate of relapse or even modify existing symptoms.

What happens in the study, being conducted at the University of Nottingham and funded with 400,000 pounds, is that people with multiple sclerosis will be infected with 25 hookworms through a patch placed on the skin (it is painless). Nine months later those worms are flushed from the people’s bodies. The good news is that it is very safe and very cheap”

The article is followed by the story “Is Worm Soup Our Future”

Hey, if it works, we will do it!  Desperation measures, to be sure, but who cares.  Only, read the fine print before you get too excited, because this is a possible treatment for only the relapsing-remitting form of multiple sclerosis – which Don does not have.  But I asked him today if he would give it a go if it’s possible and he nodded and said, “Anything!”