I was asked to tape a program onto my VCR the other night, but after spending almost two hours with instructions, cords, aerials and trying with two different TV sets I had to admit defeat. (Is it an AV connection or an RV connection? is one of the things that stumped me. Among others.)  The car is overheating so I am spending days phoning mechanics, putting water into the radiator, waiting in the waiting room at mechanical repair joints, and just generally worrying.  My computer is downloading so slowly that I basically go away and do the washing while I am waiting for it to load a page – the computer help people of course suggested that I disconnect the modem and wait five minutes then switch it back on again, I mean, what other suggestion do they ever make? – but to no avail.

The galling thing is that I know full well that Nev would have got the VCR recording within five minutes (without even glancing at the instruction manual), Ross or Don would have taken charge of the over-heating vehicle and had it smartly dealt with after knowledgeable discussions with the mechanic, and Dave would have had the computer running like a dream in no time and in fact would upgrade and improve it.

All right, you indignant feminists, I will admit that my niece is a computer whiz, my (female) friend knows all there is to know about car mechanics, and my erstwhile (female) next-door neighbour did the electronic stuff in their household.  So I don’t really need a male, I just need an expert in various things. (PS For the record, I was going to title this entry “I need a man” but thought I might get overwhemed by internet offers that I didn’t want.)

But the time I definitely wished there was a man in the house was yesterday morning when I went outside for the paper and found a dead, dis-embowelled, very large rat on my doorstep. (Thank you, cat … A mouse is one thing, but!)  Now, that is one occasion when I would really like to wilt and go all “girly” and leave it to a man!