Since I have been staying home more I have been not getting to the nursing home every day.  Not only has that seemed to not matter particularly to Don, but we seem to be moving into a slightly different routine, where he doesn’t necessarily expect me to be there constantly.

For the first few weeks I think he was quite accepting about my occasional absences (two or three days a week) because he could see me with the walking stick and he would remember that I had surgery and would ask how I was going.  When I would later say, I really need to go home now and have a lie-down, he didn’t protest in the usual way and want me to stay longer, but would just nod and say OK.

Now that I don’t have the stick and it isn’t as obvious and I don’t think he remembers about the surgery, we seem to be into a different routine where he doesn’t get upset when I miss a day, and when I get up to leave he accepts that as well.  It’s all a lot easier.  I did wonder if he gets upset on the days I am not there to see, calling out for me constantly as he used to do — but the nurses tell me he is quite settled and doesn’t seem to fret.


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