I need not have worried how Don would manage with all the action and outings and conversation with visiting friends.  This was a friendship reaching back to student days and meant a lot.


Don was better than usual and very responsive.  Twice in one week an outing to come home for lunch!  And on the other days there were long visits with him in his room, but despite my concerns that he would be completely wiped out, he stayed alert and interested whenever he was with them.

A Scotch between Friends

Lunch together with mutual friends led to a stimulating time discussing theology, politics, books, feminism, the state of the world — basically life the universe and everything —  and although Don isn’t able to join in these sort of conversations any more, he loved being part of it as the conversations and laughter swirled around him.

Lunch together

Bless them all.



  1. Beautiful!!!

  2. True friends are GOLD.

  3. It meant a great deal to the friends, too.