Don hasn’t been out of the nursing home in three months.  Mainly that was due to my medical issues and fatigue, but then his pressure sores made it impossible for him to be sitting up in a chair for any length of time.  Those problems are now resolved.

He hasn’t been asking to go out, until Monday afternoon last week when he suddenly said, Are we going home tomorrow?  So I thought, well I guess going out is do-able, but not to go home because that’s pretty hard and I’m not really up to it yet — but an outing for lunch, and just going up the street, do a little shopping?  That might work out.  Also the taxi was only available for a short time, about two hours, so an excursion to the shops seemed a good option.

I have to say, it was not an unqualified success.  The series of vascular stroke Don has been experiencing means that he can’t control his emotions.  What he feels is what he says.  So when we are in the newsagent picking out a birthday card for our grandson and he suddenly calls out loudly, “I’m hungry!  I’m hungry!” I try to calm him and get him to the café as quickly as possible.  When lunch took longer than we hoped, he called out several times very testily and very loudly.  It’s a little embarrassing but you can see that people are very understanding and tolerant, and one elderly man came over and shook his hand gently and said, “Patience, my friend!  Lunch is on its way”, and that did seem to calm him.  The kindness of strangers.

Luckily the taxi was on time and we didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes.


I think it was a big thing to go out after such a long time being confined to the nursing home, and it was probably quite a strain for Don to be out in the world even for a few hours.  With friends coming to visit in the near future and stay with us for a few days, there will be some visits home for Don so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he will be able to cope with a longer outing than our shopping trip.


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