Had a phone call last Sunday night from a stranger, who had just called the ambulance for my son.  A bad accident on his bike, which the stranger had witnessed and stopped to help.  My son had gone over the handlebars and crashed to the pavement on his head.  This was about 10 pm, so I left for the hospital thinking it would be a “check him over and let him go home” but the injuries were worse than I had imagined.

wodge accident

Skull fracture, fractures in the cheekbones, a broken collar-bone, plus lots of abrasions and blood.  He came home after a couple of days but with your right arm immovable in a sling you can’t do much, including simple things like butter the toast, open the peanut butter jar, do up your buttons.  And a lot of pain, and movement quite difficult.

This has thrown plans into disarray as he was on the brink of moving out (again) and getting his own place.  Appointments this week include a face doctor (Tuesday), the GP (Wednesday) and back to the hospital a few days later for further X-Rays.

Currently improving but quite a long way from hale and hearty.




  1. Oh dear. Looks terrible!! Hope doctors are able to fix it all for him.

  2. Oh my goodness- hope he heals quickly. I can’t believe all the dramas that happen in your life…