Best day of the week in the nursing home is Fridays, on three counts.  Firstly it is fish-and-chip day — traditional I know, and probably not to everyone’s taste and it is the one day that is exactly the same every week whereas there is a lot of variety other days — but Don has always been partial to fish and chips.  Days gone by, sometimes he would suggest we all jump in the car and go out for fish and chips instead of a regular meal, a bit of a treat in a family that just did not do “fast food”.

Secondly we have some friends who always come to visit every single Friday without fail, and it’s not only nice to have the visit itself, but sometimes I talk to Don in advance, “What will we talk to George and Wendy about today?” and that in itself can occasionally spur him to suggest something he’s interested in.

Main thing of the day, though, is Friday afternoon “Happy Hour”, where everyone gathers in the common room for a glass of wine or a beer, and the kitchen provides mini pizzas and spring rolls and cheese and biscuits, and one of our staff who is an entertainer in his spare time croons some old songs and encourages a sing-a-long.

A White Sports Coat

He sings things like:  Old Man River – A White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation – Running Bear – Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree – Love Me Tender – I Could Have Danced all Night ….

It’s a nice day all round, and I try very hard to avoid commitments on a Friday.  Last week I had to be away but made sure the staff would get Don up after lunch for the concert.


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  1. Nancy Brawn @ 2017-08-01 08:31

    That is so good to hear about Barb. Thank you.