Our son’s second book has just been published.  Hopefully it will become a runaway best seller!!

Most people have heard of Britain’s code-breaking centre, Bletchley Park, and the enigma machine etc, but our David has written about the equally important but little-known code-breaking team that operated in Australia. His book “The Secret Code-Breakers of Central Bureau” was launched a couple of weeks ago, at the Australian War Memorial, with some top bods from intelligence and defence in attendance and speaking.

codebreaker book

Also some of those original code-breakers from the Second World War, now in their 90’s, travelled to Canberra for the occasion!  This is a photo of one of them, Gordon Gibson, chatting with one of Australia’s most senior intelligence chiefs, Steve Meekin, who was keynote speaker at the launch.


Being parents of the author, Don and I of course have a courtesy copy.  I confess I am not particularly interested in reading books about the war, or code-breaking, but I found the book completely absorbing and easily readable, and finished it in a week.

I keep a copy in Don’s room at the nursing home and read him a chapter every now and then.  The book follows a chronological thread but each chapter is more or less stand-alone, and it’s full of stories and human interest, so I just dip at random into a chapter that looks interesting, and that seems to work.  Despite Don’s difficulty with cognitive function, he is taking in quite a bit.

Nice that David’s son was there at the launch, whether he realised the enormity of the occasion or not.  I was there too.

Barb at launch

Most poignant thing, though, is the dedication.  Don became quite emotional when I read it out and showed him the page.

“To my parents, Don and Barb Dufty”
Feels pretty good to have a book dedicated to us.


  1. We will get a copy soon! And bring it along for autographing by the dedicatees! Love, Harriet

  2. I feel honoured that my copy has been signed by the author. I found it a fascinating read, even though my book preferences are similar to yours (a family trait??). But I really enjoyed it. In fact I have read some chapters twice. Lovely to see the dedication to you & Don. XX

  3. So special. congratulations- hope it is a runaway best seller.

  4. Nancy Brawn @ 2017-07-15 09:39