I don’t think of myself as old, but things seem to be breaking down all over the place.  Having had the lump removed, apparently very successfully thank God! – I am now informed by the doctor that I need some follow-up procedures from other things that had question marks a year or two ago and although everything came up clear and normal it’s time to check again.  Hence a thyroid scan (the nodes still a bit funny but basically OK), a repeat colonoscopy planned for a couple of months (all clear last time but a polyp in a funny place they could not reach or identify) and most urgently, a bone person to look at my hips because I am not so mobile as I was.

Added to this, Don himself has had a problem with “pressure sores” which at one time became bit infected and now there is some scarring and outgrowths that need to be removed.  This of course is more major than anything I am undergoing, simply because of the transport factor and the planning required.  And his condition and being bed-ridden for so many years makes any operation more fraught than it would be for anyone else.  Arranging a consultation with the anaesthetist has been a frustrating exercise over the past weeks and we still don’t have a date scheduled.  Once that happens, they will arrange a date for the procedure itself, which will involve a hospital stay.

I have always believed the most boring conversations anyone can have are descriptions of medical problems and procedures.  Sorry about that.


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  1. Truly hope all medical issues will be resolved successfully.Doesn’t rain but it pours!