A Day of Chores

I sometimes think how nice it would be to just stay home for a day and not go anywhere.  So today I did just that.  We had a busy day yesterday at the nursing home and I guessed he would be fairly tired and sleeping quite a lot, so it seemed a good time to stay away.

What did I do instead?  Chores.  Boring stuff, the sort of jobs everybody puts off.  Guess what, I loved every minute.

I changed the beds, put on a load of washing.  Cleaned and sorted a couple of shelves in the pantry.  Then decided to sort one single shelf from the photo/memorabilia cupboard.

Feeling virtuous enough at this point to sit down with a cup of tea and do the crossword, right about the time I normally go jump in the car and go to Bayside.

The weather was beautiful so I decided on some outside chores.   Cleaned a window.  Then I had a lovely time washing the car, re-potting some bromeliads, nurturing my marigold seedlings, hosing the courtyard.


Nothing on telly so I had afternoon tea and read my latest, “What Alice Forgot” by Liane Moriarty.

All day I didn’t leave my house and all day I didn’t get in the car to go anywhere!  It was such a treat.  A truly lovely day.

I’m hoping Don has not been plaguing the nurses all day with “Where’s Barb?  Where’s Barb!!!”  I’ll find out tomorrow.


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