Since I bought a deluxe wheelchair for our outings, staff have been putting him into that whenever they get him up and take him to the common room.


But that chair is really only for outings away from the nursing home.  It fits into the back of the taxi – just! – and is bearable for a couple of hours but it is made primarily for convenience, not comfort.

I have protested many times to staff that this chair is not suitable for getting him up regularly in the home, and they need to be finding something better – not sure what you call it, different names such as a tub chair / air bed / pressure relief chair – for him, when he is not leaving the building.  They would go all vague and tell me that those are not supplied by the home but are the personal property of other residents who may no longer be using them, or who may have indicated that they can be used by anyone.  And apparently nobody is sure which ones might be the right size for Don.

In the end, I decided Don’s comfort is more important than arguing about who should provide what, so I got him a new chair.

New chair

It has transformed the days he gets out of bed.  Instead of pleading to be put back to bed after a couple of hours, he is quite happy to stay in the chair all day without complaint.  It’s as good as being in bed, as you can see.

All the same, I don’t think something this important should be left up to whether the resident or the family can fork out the necessary $4000.  It should be a normal provision by the facility.



  1. I agree, Barb. But that does look so much more comfortable for him! Would that everyone in need of care had an advocate like you.

  2. Thank you! Before I got the new wheelchair they used to get him up in a comfortable chair … sometimes. When I would push them to get him up more regularly (mentioned in some previous posts) the reason would often be that there was not a chair available. But since we got the new wheelchair it has always been the one they used. This new bed-chair is wonderful, as you can see. The ultimate in comfort.

  3. Nancy Brawn @ 2017-04-28 08:05

    That is so unbelievable!
    That is awful.
    So sorry that is how places are being run.

  4. And I expect the nursing home will expect you to just leave the chair there after Don’s death. It’s so unfair…