I don’t know if all nursing homes are the same, but at Bayside I am allowed to bring our dog Jebby to visit.

She has always been Don’s dog, ever since the day we got her from the pound.  (They call them “rescue dogs” now I think.)  Sometimes I laugh about it and say, I feed the dog, walk the dog, play with her, bath her, take her with me in the car — but as soon as we get to the nursing home she is definitely “Don’s Dog!” without question.  She says hello to him as in the photo, and then lies down under his bed or under his chair, and stays there contentedly until it’s time to leave.

They used to have a dog that more or less belonged there, a big beautiful Labrador called Sheba, another rescue dog, that belonged to one of the staff.  But when I asked recently what had happened to Sheba I was told that they weren’t allowed to bring her in any more.  I was a bit worried that I might also be banned from bringing Jebby, but they said carers can still bring their pet to its owner as long it was kept on a leash and under control.  No worries there.  All Jebby wants to do is stay quietly under the bed until we leave.


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